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8-10 December 2014
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Product Showcase

Stay tuned for new product innovations and product launches from our Gulf Traffic 2016 exhibitors!

From Transport infrastructure, ITS and road safety equipment, Gulf Traffic exhibitors represent a whole range of products and services from the traffic and transportation industry regionally and international.

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  • Siemens

    Siemens is the innovation leader in offering intelligent solutions for improving mobility on roads and in cities while simultaneously increasing safety and environmental protection.

    The Middle East is a fast growing region that is investing intensively in the future of infrastructure and mobility, a market where we can support the development with the implementation of suitable technologies and solutions, because we supply all elements required for the effective control of traffic.

    From the sales and marketing viewpoint we focus on meeting potential and established customers to discuss the customers' individual needs. We want to get more insight in the future infrastructure plans of this region.

    Product category:
    ITS Traffic Management


    Sitraffic® sX-V 24V – a small and smart traffic controller a completely new development that is to be used worldwide for future Siemens traffic solutions. One of the customer benefits is the intuitive operation and diagnosis concept with HTML5 web browser on smartphone or tablet.

    Silux®2 Signalhead VLP: Signal head with the lowest power consumption on the market
    Connected Mobility: (Car2x, RSU =Road Side Unit): With our connected mobility solutions we make the next step into the cooperative world of Car2X. We help cities and road authorities to overcome the increasing traffic volumes by providing much better traffic data and improve the safety for all road users. The RSU is the cooperative field device for Car2 infrastructure solutions.

    Sitraffic® Sicore – Section Speed Control, Civil Enforcement and SafeZone: Accurate and reliable enforcement solutions. Detecting vehicles and accurately reading their licence plate regardless of the conditions is possible via our Sitraffic®Sicore detection camera. Whether it is SafeZone (average speed) or congestion charging we have references to show how we can scale from a two camera system (e.g. outside a school) to a large scale deployment (e.g. London CC)

    Smart Parking Solutions: We know what drives you! And it certainly isn't the prospect of looking for parking or being stuck in traffic. That's why Siemens developed a sensor-based parking system to help drivers find a parking spot quickly and effortlessly.
  • Midsign

    Exhibiting at Gulf Traffic means that Midsign is familiar to visitors and that they can physically compare our products with competitor's products. Personal approach is very important to us in order to gain and maintain a trustful relationship with our customers. We achieve business leads from the event while exhibiting our products through our stand and many more benefits including:

    - Government Authorities usually visit the Gulf Traffic Exhibition this gives us the opportunity to meet them and show them our products.

    - Traffix Devices Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) and Trailer attenuator (TA) are the best attenuators in the world and by exhibiting them at Gulf Traffic, customers can see physically how they perform.

    Product category:
    Road Safety Products


    1. Attenuator
    TMA – Truck Mounted Attenuator and TA (Trailer Attenuator )
    Trailer Mounted Attenuator are increasing in popularity concern for the level of protection that attenuator provides for workers. The Scorpion line of Impact Attenuators, by TrafFix Devices, Inc., are truly "different by design". The Scorpion TMA consists of strut and cartridge sections that are linked together on a support frame. The curved side rails are made from corrosion resistant aluminum tubes, which offer full width impact protection along the entire length of the unit. The side rails were designed to re-direct errant vehicles away from the rear of the truck (coffin corner). Other manufacturers Crash Attenuator models have little or no side-angle impact protection
    Scorpion TMA Saving Lives

    Scorpion TMA Fast – Track Swift connection

    Scorpion TMA w/Hydraulic Arrow Board

    2. Traffic Cones

    The Enviro-Cone is the future of traffic cones, it is MUTCD Compliant, 80% recycled by weight, and can be recycled again if the cone is damaged or destroyed. This saves you money and helps keep cones from entering the landfill.

    TrafFix® Spring Cone
    The TrafFix Spring Cone & Tote System is an ideal solution for Temporary Traffic Control. The Spring Cone System is compact for easy storage on any truck, or in vehicle trunk. Spring Cones are light weight and compact, cones weigh less and pack-up in a fraction of the space of traditional highway cones. Each Spring Cone meets Federal MUTCD requirements for 28" reflective highway traffic cones.

    PVC Cone
    Each TrafFix PVC Cone is Injection Molded, MUTCD Compliant, and come in 18" and 28" heights. The PVC Cones are fluorescent orange in color and has excellent stability and anti-skid performance. TrafFix 28" PVC Cones are available with reflective collars for MUTCD Compliant nighttime performance.

    Cone & Rail Systems
    The TrafFix Cone is made of durable high density polyethylene plastic, the rugged TrafFix Cone has multiple uses in a wide variety of different applications. The cones are stackable for storage and transportation but won't "stick together" like vinyl cones. The TrafFix Cones have a hollow base that can be filled with up to 23 lbs. of sand, or simply drop a sand bag on it in windy conditions.

    3. Delineators (Grabber Cone, Looper cone , Graber Tube , Looper Tube )
    4. Drums (Channelizer Drum )
    5. Sign and stands (Roll up signs and Aluminium Buster sign stand )
    6. Barricades (Frames and Rails, Vertical Panels, Urbanite, Folding Barricades)
  • TransCore

    For nearly 80 years, TransCore has partnered with transportation agencies across the globe to develop technological innovations that address the challenges of a more mobile, connected population. From the award-winning Salik Toll System in Dubai - to an integrated advanced traffic control system in Riyadh - to connected vehicle technology for New York City, TransCore provides trusted transportation solutions.


    TransSuite® Traffic Management Solution
    TransSuite is an integrated family of traffic management software products that offers field-proven solutions for all ITS devices, including traffic signal controllers, freeway management data collection, ramp metering, dynamic message signs, CCTV controls and display management, incident management and response, and center-to-center interfaces.

    Infinity∞ Digital Lane System™
    The industry-leading Infinity Digital Lane System is a comprehensive hardware and software tolling solution specifically designed for roadside toll collection and operations. Its robust configuration supports All-Electronic Tolling, Open Road Tolling, ticket-based toll collection, cash-based toll collection, High-Occupancy Tolling lanes, and Express Lanes.

    Integrity Back Office Solution
    Integrity 2.0 is TransCore's next generation financial management and payment processing solution for tolling. To provide a comprehensive picture of your operation, this web-based solution offers business intelligence analyses and dashboard summaries in real-time across many types of mobile devices.

    Largest firm focused on ITS in the U.S.

    Industry-leading Infinity Digital Lane System
  • MG2

    MG Squared is pleased to be showing our innovative camera lowering device. The lowering device was created by MG2 in the mid 1990's and has grown to include over 16,000 installations worldwide. The lowering device allows for safe, fast and cost effective maintenance of cameras along roadways. Eliminating the need for lane closures and cherry pickers, the lowering device has become the standard for camera maintenance in the United States and in the last few years has begun being used in numerous countries throughout the world including Qatar and the UAE.

    With the amount of roadway development happening in the Middle East, there has never been a more pressing need for cameras to monitor roadways. Cameras have a need to operate 24/7 in order to protect motorists. The MG2 device allows for maintenance at any time with one operator with a removable winch. Clean, replace or troubleshoot a camera at any time, day or night. Allow yourself access to cameras whenever you need them.

    Product category:
    Transport infrastructure, Road Safety, ITS Traffic Management


    During Gulf Traffic we will present a few new solutions to the Middle-East market. One of them is MACE. Our new MACE platform enables mobile access control. The platform consists of readers, apps and a server and enables smartphones to receive, contain and present virtual access credentials. It is easy to set up and easy to use. The readers support Bluetooth, NFC, smart cards and proximity cards. They can be connected to any access control system and ensure that visitors and employees do not have to carry any physical access credentials any longer. Ideal for convenient and secure access to parking facilities or buildings.

    Product category:

    Dedicated vehicle access control
    Another new solution that we will be showing is MOOV. MOOV is the world's first dedicated platform for vehicle access control. With its software, controllers and Nedap's long-range vehicle identification reader city centers get safer as traffic is restricted from specific areas. MOOV is not only suited for City Access Control, it also has a dedicated module for vehicle access management for business parks with multiple tenants. The system ensures that only authorized persons are allowed access to the estate and also enables every tenant to only use its allocated share of the total parking capacity. A third MOOV module was designed for parking operators to manage the entrance to their parking and enable the seamless integration with advanced booking systems for parking facilities.

    World leading long-range identification systems
    Next to our market introductions, Nedap will demonstrate its market leading platforms for vehicle and driver identification. Our readers license plate readers, uhf readers and semi-active RFID readers have proven to be leading in the market for vehicle access control.

    SENSIT – 10 years of smart parking sensors
    Additionally, this year we are celebrating our 10th birthday of our SENSIT platform. Our smart parking sensors were introduced to the market in 2006. With numerous of installations in leading cities and retail areas worldwide, the platform continues to provide the number one on-street parking sensor for real-time occupancy information. During the Gulf Traffic we will be demonstrating our new SENSIT ROI Calculation tool. This tool provides cities, municipalities and consultants with a detailed and powerful insight into the needed investments and the returns on their investment in on-street parking sensors.

  • Nagels Group

    Nagels is the international leader in the manufacture and supply of machine issue tickets for the parking and transport markets. Operating 15 companies in 10 countries, our annual production exceeds 3.5 billion tickets, with products used in more than 80 countries. Our success is based on our ability to provide innovative products that meet international demands, simultaneously responding to industry developments and creating a tailored solution for every customer.

    Knowledge of materials and inks play a key role in ensuring consistent products throughout the range. Printed tickets for parking systems need to be able to withstand tough demands on a daily basis, due to changing climates and environments around the world.

    Nagels ensure the smooth running of all operations for all types of parking and transit systems, including Pay and Display, Barrier Systems and RFID. Nagels produce tickets using approved materials to the specification provided by the OEM's, which is why nagels is approved or recommended by more equipment suppliers than any other ticket manufacturer.

    Products and Features:

    • Thermal or standard paper
    • Magnetic stripes
    • Bar codes
    • Singles
    • Fanfold
    • Rolls
    • Consecutive numbering
    • Security features

    Product category:
    Parking, Tickets

  • Hill & Smith Ltd

    A joint stand showcasing Hill & Smith Ltd products and services along with our sister company Varley & Gulliver.

    Hill & Smith Ltd manufacture and supply specialist safety barrier systems, including BRIFEN WIRE ROPE, throughout the world. BRIFEN is world renowned for its wire rope system, used on the highways and alongside steep inclines. Tested to EN1317, NCHRP350 and specialised Swedish standards.

    Varley and Gulliver has been the UK's premier manufacturer of both steel and aluminium bridge parapets to the civil engineering industry for over 35 years. As well as the UK market they have an extensive export presence supplying some of the most prestigious projects in the world. To satisfy the demands in road safety Varley and Gulliver has developed an extensive range of systems with approvals to the European standard EN 1317 and the American AASHTO 17th Edition specification. To compliment their vehicle restraint systems, in 2009 the company launched a new product; the passive sign support "Hi Mast".

    Although both BRIFEN (Hill & Smith Ltd) and Varley & Gulliver are established in the Middle East, we do not take this for granted and welcome the opportunity to meet new, current and previous contacts locally. It also gives us the chance to show new products and introduce new members of the team to the ever expanding export division of both companies.


  • TagMaster

    TagMaster designs and provides advanced identification systems based on radio and vision technologies, for use in the Smart Cities of today and tomorrow. With the rapid growth of today's urban areas, the Smart City concept is vital in bringing together technology with people to make everyday life simpler, safer and more efficient.

    TagMaster's innovative solutions use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technologies to optimise mobility and communication – thus creating safer societies with smoother traffic flows and more sustainable urban environments. Having pioneered the development of high performance long-range RFID for over two decades, TagMaster is now the world's leading supplier of advanced RFID-based mobility solutions within traffic and rail systems. In 2015, we acquired CitySync – known for their cutting edge ANPR technology.

    Today, Smart Cities all over the world are using our solutions for green flow installation, crime prevention, public and private security systems, parking management and innumerable other applications. Our products are well known for their top-class quality, unparalleled performance, ease of use and versatility. Their robust design is built to withstand extremely demanding environments, all the while ensuring reliability, accuracy and safety.

    TagMaster will show RFID readers/tags and ANPR cameras:

    The RFID products and Advanced features:

    • UHF Long Range Readers: XT Mini Reader and XT-1 Reader, with Windshield and Headlight Tags and ISO Cards
    • From the 2,45 GHz Long Range Reader family: LR-6 Reader with MarkTag Classic and MarkTag MeM Tags.
    • TagMaster´s advanced features for UHF Long Range reader and UHF tags. MultiLaneAnalytics™ Built-in Reader functions to find and report tags from vehicles in a specific driving lane.
    • SecureMarkID® Easy-to-use security extensions based on cryptographic functions. The ANPR cameras: CitySync 50, HD ANPR camera for 24/7 plate recognition, high quality imaging with On-board processing.
    • CitySync 30, HD ANPR camera for 24/7 plate recognition, high quality imaging camera.

    Product category:
    Transport infrastructure, Road Safety, ITS Traffic Management, Parking

  • Ambor

    Shanghai Ambor Manufacturing Limited engineers and manufactures steel monopole solutions for lighting, telecommunications and wind industries around the world. Shanghai Ambor management, manufacturing, and engineering teams possess more than 20 years experience working together and are among the most experienced in the world to specialize in the design and production of high masts , Lighting Column. Shanghai Ambor holds ISO 9000 quality certification and ISO 14000 environmental management certification. All of Shanghai Ambor’s welders have been certified by the American Welding Society (AWS).

    Shanghai Ambor has made great efforts to diversify and develop products which satisfy most outdoor lighting applications. Shanghai Ambor produces a wide range of products for airports, docks and harbours, railway station platforms and marshalling yards, expressways, sports facilities and stadium, industrial areas, and general amenity lighting areas.

    Our products will be showing at Gulf Traffic 2016, includes high masts, Lighting column, LED.

    On price, the company has built up competitive advantages in the market while maintaining its reputation for top quality.

    Shanghai Ambor Manufacturing Limited is a company with international background. Over 70% of our business is exported to USA, Australia, UK, Japan , North E. Asia, ME and other countries or area. And ME is one of our important markets we want to maintain and develop. Ambor’s marketing team have rich experience and are developing the market through different ways. The trade show is one of the best ways to show ourselves to the market.

    As mentioned above, Ambor has great capability to provide the productions at high quality level. Welding is the key factor to decide the production quality level in this industry. Our facility and welders have AWS,CWB, ISO3834 certificates. We are confident that Ambor is in the very short list who are able to have all these certificates. Meanwhile, we are using ASTM material instead of Q grade material. The ASTM GR65 material has much larger strength which makes it to be possible to design lighter poles. ASTM material has low silicon and it is helpful to have better appearance after galvanizing.

    Our facility is located in Shanghai China. The low labor cost makes our price to be competitive. And Shanghai is also an international sea port. The logistic from Shanghai can reach every corner of the world.

    Product category:
    Transport infrastructure

  • SBR Group

    Product category:
    Transport infrastructure

    M4 Sensors for PGS (Parking Guidance System), Manufactured by Park Assist U.S.A showcases a parking management system with which there is really no comparison between our most advanced system and one using outdated ultrasonic technology. Driven by core business intelligence, our customized guidance-and-beyond solutions heighten performance and profitability – while elevating the overall parker experience. Equipped with a formidable dual-core processor, the M4’s bright LED light-ring indicator can be configured remotely to display thousands of colors to indicate occupancy status and parking space type (i.e. regular, premium, handicapped, etc.). Poised for future advances via firmware upgrades, its attractive housing has a seal rating of IP54, keeping detrimental dust and water away from the advanced electronics. Through our Park Finder software extension, we even offer an exclusive Find Your Car™ feature to complete the loop. This enables returning parkers to find the exact location of their vehicles upon exit by simply typing in the license plate number at a touchscreen kiosk or on a smartphone app

    TIRTL (The Infrared Traffic Logger), Manufactured by CEOS Australia Our System (TIRTL) counts, classifies, determines the lane and measures the speed of passing vehicles using a unique non-invasive light based technology, TIRTL can also be used for Over Height Vehicle Detection Applications. TIRTL is recognized globally for its technical excellence and application to numerous ITS challenges. TIRTL is used for ITS applications that require extremely high levels of performance including speed camera and red light enforcement, tolling, incident detection, traffic data analysis and many other applications. Its non-invasive measurement technique reduces installation time and costs, maintenance costs and road repair costs.

    WIM Sensors (Weigh – In – Motion), Manufactured by INTERCOMP U.S.A, with its complete line of portable scales, indicators, and test equipment’s utilizes RFX- Wireless Technology to provide the accuracy needed to obtain reliable readings in any weighing application, while improving efficiency and safety. We use NTEP and OIML certified, solid state, fully electronic, shear beam load cells in all of its products, demonstrated over time to be the best means of weighting accuracy. Applications include ITS / ENFORCEMENT, AVIATION, INDUSTRIAL, MILITARY, RACING.

    VMS ( Variable Message Signs ) Our displays are built with long life LED technology that is easily visible in all types of weather and through the use of a solar sensor, the brightness can be adjusted for both clear day and night viewing. With extensive research and development, we have optimized our system to meet the environmental conditions of U.A.E. and Middle east. The display system can operate as a stand-alone system or be integrated with other traffic control and management systems providing data for traffic detection, monitoring and surveillance. All our panels are developed according to UNI EN-12966 Standards and marked with CE according to European Directives.

    Our Display for large outdoor Advertisements are with a new kind of composite back shell with outstanding features like high intensity, low cost and excellent heat dissipation the module structure is simple but three-dimensional. Both sides of the bottom shell are equipped with upward reinforcing ribs, which make up the regular hexagons in succession.

    PVMS ( Portable Variable Message Signs ) Our mid-size full-matrix trailer-mounted portable changeable message sign that comes with the RGB COLOR RAINBOW TECHNOLOGY. It’s the industry’s first PCMS with over 16,000 colors to design or create your special color message on the sign with features like NTCIP-compliant, Touch controller, Tilt-and-Rotate solar panels and fleet management software. The units are built with high-quality construction to provide the most reliable color message sign on the market. With the state of the art FLEET MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, our system can

    • Monitor, maintain and manage your signs from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
    • View all equipment in a list and GPS map view
    • Change a message on one or more signs simultaneously with a simple click
    • View your messages and battery voltages
    • Group your signs in folders (by customer, location, project… you choose!)
    • Receive e-mail or text alerts – optional (low battery cellular failure, etc.)

    RWIS (Road Weather Information System) The system is designed for standard or mobile meteorological stations, as well as for the applications in areas where the commercial power or communication networks are limited or non-exist. The Unit interfaces with a various sensors and telecommunication devices. Embedded with the state-of-the-art software, our unit is reliable and cost-effective solution for meteorological and environmental monitoring. Many Road Weather Stations communicating with UDCS (Unified Data Collection System) via GPRS (radio modem, TCP/IP, etc.). The UDCS acquires the measured data. The data are processed by a quality control system and are stored in the database. The measured data & the forecast data is provided by the Database to the FOG and SANDSTORM modeling software. Road side VMS can also be integrated with the RWIS, where they can be updated automatically with actual notification regarding the measured visibility or other meteorological data.


    METRIC will be exhibiting their range of on- and off-street parking terminals – the METRIC Elite LS and the new METRIC Sprite which was launched in early 2016.

    Both multi-service terminals have a range of smart features for smart cities including:

    • Range of payment means: Both the Elite LS and the Sprite accept coin, banknote and credit/debit card payments including mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
    • Voucher Scanning technology – voucher scanning has a range of applications where concessions can be applied including residents parking or for supermarket or shopping centre parking when customers can be rewarded with free or discounted parking vouchers.
    • HD Video Screens – Display impressive HD quality video content to engage with your customers or generate an additional revenue stream with advertising
    • Range of modes – the Elite LS and Sprite terminals can be configured for a range of parking modes including Pay & Display, Pay-by-Space and Pay-by-Plate; these multi-service terminals can also take payments for other services for example tourist attractions or bike hire.
    • Twin Printer – exclusive to the Elite LS! Double the ticket capacity to 8,000 tickets meaning no wastage and less maintenance visits to the machine. Alternatively use the second printer to print tickets for a different purpose.

    Both terminals have been tested and certified to work at +60°C and 95% humidity.

    METRIC are a British company with a global presence. Our UK designed and manufactured parking terminals are distributed worldwide from Australia to the United States. METRIC recently installed new parking machines in Muscat Municipality that accept coins, banknotes, card and NFC payments offering the Omani people more ways to pay for their parking.

    The Gulf Traffic exhibition provides METRIC with a platform to reach key decision makers across the Middle East and increase the visibility of our brand across the region.

    Product category: Parking

  • Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co. KG

    Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co. KG will once again participate at the Gulf Traffic in Dubai as one of the world market leader in road safety products. We will present the market leader for traffic and transport our innovations and state-of-the-art products and we are sure that this year Gulf Traffic will also be a great success.

    The Gulf traffic offers us the opportunity to present our wide range of road safety products and our comprehensive expertise to a professional audience from all over the world to strengthen our customer relations and to acquire new ones. We will support the rapidly developing market in the Middle East with our products, ask for individual customer needs and learn more about the future infrastructure plans of the region.

    „Solar Tower“ – Variable Message Sign (trailer mounted)
    (according to British standards)

    • Smaller sign, better performance due to 20mm pitch
    • Wide light ermitting angle and anti-glare screen
    • Available up to 4 LED Colours or in RGB technology
    • Free programmable in several languages

    WeNiPol II – Mobile LED Variable Message Sign
    Variable message sign for mounting on vehicles

    • Display of all usual traffic signs, bypassing symbols and texts, also dynamic
    • High daytime visibility of all signs
    • Display of texts also possible in a flashing mode or alternating with symbols
    • Designed for highway service and petrol vehicles

    TMA-Rambo II
    Truck Mounted Attenuator

    • Made of high quality and durable aluminium
    • Method of construction: honeycomb absorber (TMA)
    • Fire resistant for in-tunnel use
    • Docking station for mounting on any suitable vehicle

    Autoscope Vision
    Autoscope Vision is taking video detection to new heights by offering a highly accurate, versatile and simple multi-tasking solution.  For the last 25 years, Autoscope has been the leader in video-based detection and Autoscope Vision continues that tradition of innovation.  Transportation agencies are looking for solutions to maximize the capacity of their existing roadways while enhancing safety and security for vehicles and bicycles. Autoscope Vision delivers these solutions by offering the highest level of accurate stop bar and advanced vehicle detection, bicycle detection and differentiation, high-definition video surveillance and comprehensive traffic data collection. The performance of Vision is robust and reliable on a new hardware platform designed to support future ITS capabilities and applications.

    Autoscope Vision is an integrated camera-processor sensor solution with a high-definition, wide dynamic range camera with sophisticated tracking-based algorithms for outstanding performance.

    RTMS Sx-300 BT
    The RTMS Sx-300 BT with integrated dual channel Bluetooth sensor is a powerful tool that agencies can use to better manage traffic.  The combination of the RTMS radar with the robust Bluetooth sensor is the ideal solution for incident detection and providing traffic managers with highly accurate travel time and origin/destination information.  This integrated Bluetooth sensor detects the Bluetooth signals from vehicles and handheld mobile devices and allows traffic managers to monitor the signals throughout the duration of movement. This functionality expands upon the best in class radar detection already offered by the Sx-300 radar.

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